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ул.Димитър Трайкович 1Г

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София 1000, ул. Димитър Трайкович 1Г

Тел/факс: +359 (2) 951 53 45


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Хард диск / SSD: HDD 500GB WD Blue 7mm, S-ATA3, 5400rpm, 16MB

Размер в инчове2.5 
ТипHDD вътрешен 
Скорост на въртене5400 об./м.
ИнтерфейсSATA III 
Големина500 GB
Наличен ДА
ЦЕНА 109.00 лв
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    HDD 500GB WD Blue 7mm, S-ATA3, 5400rpm, 16MB
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HDD 500GB WD Blue 7mm, S-ATA3, 5400rpm, 16MB

Product Highlights

  • 500GB Storage Capacity
  • 2.5" / 7mm Form Factor
  • SATA III 6 Gb/s Interface
  • 16MB Cache
  • 5400 rpm
  • Average Latency: 5.5ms
  • Average Drive Ready Time: 2.8 sec
  • 600,000 Load/Unload Cycles
  • Average Read/Write Power: 1.4W
  • NoTouch Ramp Load Technology


Add 500GB of storage to your system to store and quickly access files such as movies, photos, music, documents, and more with the 500GB Blue 5400 rpm SATA III 2.5" Internal Hard Drive from WD. Designed for use in notebooks and external enclosures, this drive connects to your system's 2.5" / 7mm drive bay using the SATA III 6 Gb/s interface.

This 500GB drive also features a rotational speed of 5,400 rpm and a 16MB cache to help ensure uninterrupted data transfers. Additionally, the drive is built with features to help ensure it will have a strong operational life, with 600,000 load/unload cycles, <1 in 1014 non-recoverable read errors per bits read, and NoTouch Ramp Load technology. NoTouch Ramp Load technology helps ensure that the recording head never touches the disk media. The result is less wear to the recording head and media, as well as improved drive protection while in transit.

The 500GB Blue 5400 rpm SATA III 2.5" Internal Hard Drive is lightweight and energy efficient, consuming an average of 1.4W during read/write operations. It provides users with free access to WD Acronis True Image and is protected by a limited 2-year warranty.

NoTouch Ramp Load Technology
The recording head never touches the disk media, helping to ensure significantly less wear to the recording head and media as well as better drive protection in transit
Low Power Consumption
State-of-the-art seeking algorithms and advanced power management features help ensure low power consumption and long battery life
Upgrading Your Drive Is Easy
Acronis True Image WD Edition software, available as a free download on the WD Support site, enables you to copy all your data to a new drive so you don't have to reinstall your operating system to receive all the benefits of a new drive
WD's 2.5" / 7mm mobile drives are designed for thin and light mobile applications and are also compatible with most standard 9.5mm bays
WD's noise reducing technologies help yield quiet performance


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